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Data are regarded as the new gold of the information society. Its real value however only emerges when the data is turned into relevant information, insights and actions.

Mezuro is a specialist in processing and analysing big data from mobile networks and turning these data into socially useful information about the mobility of (groups of) people.

When mobile phones are used to call, to send text messages or data, signals are sent from broadcasting masts to a central computer. Mezuro uses these signals to establish where these mobile telephones are. Of course the signals are anonymous and devoid of any reference to individual people. Read more about privacy here.

In the Netherlands, the Vodafone network has 4 to 5 million active users. That is roughly one third of all mobile telephone users. Per month this yields more than 12 billion location-related events. In this way, the mobile phone is a source of priceless value in order to map movements and mobility.


Traffic modelling

Important mobility insights provided by Mezuro are for instance: the number entering and leaving a specific area, origins, destinations, travel frequency, travel distance, travel times, means of transport and home location. This information is essential for traffic modelling. more…

Effect measurement

Mezuro measures changes in visitor numbers, visit frequency, dwelling time and travelling habits as a result of promotion and marketing efforts, changes in parking fees or policy changes. more…


By modelling and giving a prognosis of the origins, the flow in and out of visitors and numbers of visitors, people and material can be managed efficiently during events and calamities, but also in promotional and marketing efforts. more…

who for?

Traffic and transport

Traffic and transport management, crowd management, facility planning, carriers, auxiliary services and (local) authorities use the Mezuro insights in traffic flows. more…


Store chains, franchise organisations, filling station proprietors, property management and municipalities gain an insight into their catchment area and the kind of visitors through the mobility analyses of Mezuro. more…


Mezuro provides a clear analysis of tourism in a city or region, both for national and foreign tourists. This makes Mezuro’s information essential for (local) authorities, amusement parks, museums and hotels. more…


Organizing an event brings risks in terms of security, economic feasibility and nuisance. With the analyses of Mezuro, risks can be limited and costs saved. It’s also possible to refine marketing efforts with the mobility information of Mezuro. more…

(Nederlands) Nicole Janssen-van Vonderen, Den Haag Marketing:
"We hebben nu meer inzicht in onze bezoekers. Hierdoor kunnen we onze marketinginspanningen steeds aanscherpen en bijsturen."

(Nederlands) Peter Paul Weijers, Veolia:
“Mobiliteitsinformatie is een prachtig instrument om objectief het aantal verplaatsingen vast te stellen”

(Nederlands) Thei Kitzen van de gemeente Sittard-Geleen:
“Als je weet waar je bezoekers vandaan komen, kun je daar je reclame acties op enten.”

(Nederlands) Tinus Kanters, organisatie GLOW gemeente Eindhoven:
"Door de analyses van Mezuro zijn we erachter gekomen dat ons evenement GLOW nog flink kan groeien voordat de veiligheid in het geding komt. Dit is belangrijk voor crowd management.”


Understanding Mobility

Market leader in mobility measuring

The aim of Mezuro is to provide an insight into mobility in the Netherlands. Innovation, market leadership and social relevance are key terms. People’s privacy has the first priority more….


Respect for people

Mezuro has no access to personal data and cannot provide any insight into the mobility information of individual people. Because, while knowledge of mobility patterns is of great social value, as far as we’re concerned it is certainly not more valuable than protecting the privacy of the individual. The information that Mezuro provides is completely anonymous. more…


Big Data

Mezuro measures mobility in the Netherlands 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the data from mobile telecommunication networks. For that, billions of items of data are analysed and converted to useful information every month. more…

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