Innovation: welcome to the smart city

More sustainability, improved mobility, efficiency and safety. These are the results of the “Smart City”. Pie in the sky? Certainly not. The smart city is here already. In the smart city communication and technological developments play an important role. Machinery and equipment communicate with each other. Mobile data are being used to measure mobility and number of visitors, which leads to smarter policies in a smarter city.


de slimme stad

Appendix NRC: The smart city

Recently NRC published an interesting appendix with examples of Vodafone’s solutions for a smart city and cooperation with innovative companies. The cooperation with Mezuro was addressed as well. Furthermore you can read about several cases concerning intelligent waste logistics, remote monitoring and efficient usage of roads. The M2M technology (machine-to-machine) plays an important role in these areas. This technology enables equipment, provided with a sim-card to communicate with each other.

Read more about the Smart City (in Dutch): NRC bijlage slimme stad