Effect measurement


Mezuro measures changes in visitor numbers, visit frequency, dwelling time and travelling habits as a result of promotion and marketing efforts, changes in parking fees or policy changes.

Decisions are all too often taken on the basis of experience or feeling, market research on a sample or another limited observation. Mezuro’s mobility information is made up of concrete counts based on millions of observations per day. As these are gathered every hour of every day all through the year, the analyses of Mezuro are very suitable for evaluation of the effect of choices and decisions that have been made. With a pre- and post-analysis, effects can be visualised very sharply.

A few examples:

  • Do more people take the train when we raise parking fees?
  • How many people come to the beach on a sunny day and how many on a cloudy day?
  • Does a new store attract more visitors to a shopping area?
  • Do more foreign tourists come to a town after a media campaign?
  • Does the introduction of Sunday shopping attract new customers?
  • Does lengthening the duration of an event reduce traffic overload?
  • How many visitors pass my billboard and where do they come from?

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