Mezuro maps origin and destination tourists Malta

The mobility information that Mezuro provides, doesn’t come ready to the use out of the the database. Under the hood of the Mezuro mobility database is a complex system of algorithms, that converts the raw big data into useful information. Mezuro has developed this system with the thought that this has to be applicable on foreign mobile phone data. To verify this presumption, we ran some tests over the last couple of months in cooperation with Vodafone Malta. The results were beyond our expectations.

Within a month the mobile big data of Malta were ‘under control’ so that Mezuro could analyze the mobility and origination of tourists on the crowded Malta. After dividing the isle into logical geographical areas an origination/destination matrix was made, dividing inhabitants and tourists.

Origination and destination foreign tourists.

Below is an analysis of the visiting foreign tourists on the island. What stands out is that Italian visitors take the boat on Friday evening from the mainland to spend the weekend on the island.

herkomst toeristen malta

A further analysis shows in what areas the Italians stay.

bestemming toeristen malta

The inhabitants of Malta benefit from an analysis of the mobility on the island. It is so crowded that everyone is constant in a traffic jam. No solution has been found yet. With the Mezuro information the first step can be made towards getting the traffic moving again.