Measurement of tourists at coast was foundation for wind turbine park research


Minister Kamp had recently ordered to conduct research, commissioned by the Tweede Kamer (house of representatives), on the effects that the construction of wind turbine parks in the sea has on employment and tourism. Mezuro partner Decisio was responsible for the research on the regional and social effects of wind turbine parks and analyzed the regional economic impact. In this the measurement of tourists is key information.

The measurement of tourists

The Mezuro Mobility Information was one of the sources for this research. Partly based on the analysis of this information Decisio determined the number of people located in the coastal area during one year. An advantage of Mezuro information (based on anonymous statistic data from the mobile phone network) is the fact that one can see the number of people located in the coastal area per day. With this an actual measurement of the number of tourists can be conducted because the tourists, based on dates of stay, can be filtered from the toeristen metingregular inhabitants. Also the number of domestic and foreign tourists is determined.

The results of this research, which for the remaining part consisted of visitor data and interviews, stated that at most 10% of domestic tourists and recreationists and 5% of foreign visitors  would stay away in response to the wind turbines.