Mobility inhabitants Amsterdam and SAIL

Amsterdam is dealing with growth of the number of inhabitants and visitors. Therefore the capital of the Netherlands has set a goal to make the city more livable, hospitable and attractive for everyone. In order to explore what actions to take, a starting document was made named ‘Stad in Balans’ (city in balance). The city of Amsterdam claims: “City in Balance is a continuous process that is run through step by step and where experiments, actions and policy will at some point lead to making sharp decisions”.

To make the right decisions, the city needs insights in which policy will have the most effect and subsequently what the effects of this policy are. Good data and especially insights from this data make an important contribution. For this reason the city of Amsterdam organized an exposition on the Rokin where information from different data sources were displayed, e.g. the OV-Chipkaart, the I-Amsterdam City Card, Social media (Twitter & Instagram), the exercise application Human and also Mezuro data.

Eric van der Kooij of the city of Amsterdam says: ‘we were surprised that Mezuro and Decisio not only gave insights in the visitors of Amsterdam and their behavior in the city, but also in the mobility behavior of the inhabitants.”

Mobility inhabitants of Amsterdam: where do they go in the summer and winter?

Recently the city of Amsterdam organized an exposition on the Rokin in the context of City in Balance. On the Rokin a billboard showed the mobility of Amsterdam’s inhabitants: where do they go in the summer- and wintertime. This billboard could be established by cooperation between partner Decisio and the City of Amsterdam, based on Mezuro data (aggregated and anonymized data of mobile phones coming from the Vodafone network).

mobiliteit amsterdammers

Decisio and Mezuro showed via the billboard on the Rokin, that the inhabitants leave town 50% more often on a beautiful summer Saturday than on an average winter Saturday. Also the top 20 of destinations of the inhabitants on these two different days was presented. In the winter time mostly big cities like Den Haag (the Hague), Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Arnhem and Breda are popular. In the summer time these cities are still popular, but part of the top 20 is ousted by visitors heading to the coast. The Haarlemmermeer, with a big part of traffic heading to Schiphol, is, in the summertime as well as in the wintertime, one of the most visited destinations of Amsterdam inhabitants.

Besides this, the billboard showed that the English visit Amsterdam throughout the whole year except for December and January. The Italians show up mostly in the summer vacation and around Easter.

Origination and number of visitors SAIL

In order to take proper measures on the long run with big events as Sail, Amsterdam needs reliable insights like the numbers of visitors and origination of visitors. Decisio made an analysis of visitors of Sail based on Mezuro data. Standing out is the fact that there are more visitors coming from the south of the Netherlands than there are from the north. On the busiest day there were around 250.000 visitors in northern Amsterdam.

 herkomst bezoekers Sail