Organizing an event brings risks in terms of security, economic feasibility and nuisance.

With the analyses of privacy_groot Mezuro, risks can be limited and costs saved. It’s also possible to refine marketing efforts with the mobility information of Mezuro.

With an insight into the flow of visitors, their origins and the route they take and the highs and lows, it’s possible to optimize the crowd management. Advertising money can be spent more efficiently when the origins of potential visitors have been defined. A forecast of the number of visitors can support the financial feasibility. Mezuro’s information is essential for event organisation agencies, event locations, security organisations, carriers and municipalities, for instance.

Selection from the questions that Mezuro can answer:

  • Where do the visitors to my event come from?
  • How many visitors come and how does that compare with other events?
  • What is the influence of the event on the surroundings? Do they go into the city, do they stay the night?
  • What does the course of the visitor numbers look like over the day or days?

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