Amsterdam residents in Zandvoort

Amsterdammers naar de kust met legenda Zandvoort, having almost a 100.0000 visitors in the month of July, is by far the most popular beach for the Amsterdam residents. Bloemendaal at the sea is number two with over 40.000 visitors. The rest of the top 5 beaches for Amsterdam residents are Scheveningen, IJmuiden and Bakkum.

  • Do you know how many visitors your touristic attractions attracts and where these visitors are from?
  • Which are popular destinations for the inhabitants of your region and how large is the catchment area of these destinations?
  • What is the influence of the weather, environmental interventions (windmill plants, roadblocks, investments in tourist attractions), pr-campagnes or large events on the number of visitors in your area.
  • What is the impact on the infrastructural network?
  • Do touristic areas benefit from investments made?