Outlet center Bataviastad

Retail policy is an important issue on many local government agendas. The consequences of new shopping malls, peripheral retail areas, and the right stores at the right place are important issues in that perspective. Lelystad, with attractions like outlet center Bataviastad and the Aviodrome, attracts more incidental visitors than close-by Almere, which is twice the size.

Incidental visitors are mainly reDia09creational visitors, as we see that especially in the weekends Lelystad attracts more incidental visitors than Almere. Apart from that L
elystad has a larger catchment area than Almere. Bataviastad attracts on a yearly basis more that 2 million visitors from all over the country and from abroad.

  • Do these visitors go to other places within the region and what does this mean for local economy?
  • Does the outlet center (or another new shopping area) draw visitors from the city center or villages in the area and what does this mean for the livability of the area?
  • Or do these new visitors come from outside the area or abroad?

The  Mezuro mobility information can answer these questions for you.