City of Utrecht attracts 34.000 extra visitors after media campaign

In November and December, Tourism Utrecht attracted 34.000 extra visitors to the city by drawing special attention to the winter event calendar. The city used online channels, websites, social media and traditional marketing methods to do this. Highlight of the winter festivities was the Knüss Winterfest, an event during which the city was transformed into a winter paradise.


Measuring the succes of the campaign.

The success was measured by Decisio, in cooperation with Mezuro, using the anonymized  and aggregated mobile telephone data. These measurements showed that the Winterfest alone increased the number of regular winter visitors by 14.400.

Insights in value for the city

Using the outcomes of the Mezuro information and by performing extra research, the city of Utrecht could determine the extra revenues from the campaign for the city. It turned out the campaign reached 779.000 people and led to an extra 34.000 visitors in the city during the months of November and December. A Dutch tourist usually spends an average of €44,– per person. Additional spending as a result of the campaign were 1.5 million euro.

Mezuro data are an important source for measuring marketing efforts and defining policies for the next edition.