Where do GLOW visitors come from?

After an event it is useful to evaluate how well the event was attended and what could be better organized at the next occasion. Useful information is for instance the origin of the visitors and their previous number of visits to this area. With these insights advertisement and traffic and crowd management can be enhanced. Furthermore cities will be able to estimate the value of the event for the area.

Eindhoven city and visitors of GLOW festival

Commissioned by  Eindhoven 365 and in cooperation with the city of Eindhoven and DAT.Mobility, Mezuro performed mobility measurements in the center of Eindhoven during the GLOW event, based on the anonimized and aggregated network data of the Vodafone network.

The origin of the visitors of GLOW

Tglowcase1he main part of the visitors were inhabitants of the Eindhoven area.

Over 90% originated from the province of Brabant and 80% originated within a distance of 50 km of Eindhoven.

Why is this information valuable for the city of Eindhoven? Princial Tinus Kanters, Project manager Living Lab:

TinusKanters“Mezuro’s measurements have given us new valuable insights in our special event GLOW. The GLOW project management now knows exactly how many visitors came and where they came from. We have a better view on where to advertize next time and we found out that the number of visitors can grow before we have a security issue. These insights are important for marketing spending and crowd management.”