Respect for people

Mezuro has no access to personal data and cannot provide any insight into the mobility information of individual people. Because, while knowledge of mobility patterns is of great social value, as far as we’re concerned it is certainly not more valuable than protecting the privacy of the individual. The information that Mezuro provides is completely anonymous.

The anonymization process ensures that it’s not possible to trace the data back directly or indirectly to individuals. The anonymization process has been tested by TNO. Mezuro and the telecom provider are regularly audited.

How does Mezuro work with privacy?
The aim of Mezuro is to make socially valuable information about mobility accessible based on information from mobile telecommunication networks. Mezuro does that in a way that respects people’s privacy.
Why is privacy important to Mezuro?
Firstly, privacy is a fundamental right that is not open to debate. Privacy is for our clients (often governmental) also of great importance. We can access socially valuable information without affecting people’s privacy.
Does Mezuro have access to personal data?
Personal data are details that can lead directly or indirectly to a single person. Mezuro does not have access to personal data, does not have any way of gaining access to it and does not need any personal data. Mezuro only receives anonymized mobility information from the telecommunication provider that cannot lead back directly to a person. The information does not even include identifying data (for instance IMEI or telephone number) and only comprises counts that have been aggregated in such a way that no movement of an individual can be traced. You can think of counts such as: 10% of people on Road A come from the area of City B; 100,000 people visited this event, etc.
Is the telecom provider allowed to cooperate with this?
The data that forms the basis for the counts has to be kept by the telecom provider on the grounds of legal obligations. They are only allowed to make use of it with the permission of those concerned or anonymized. Now we are talking about completely anonymized data, use is completely legal
On the grounds of the Law on Protecting Personal Information, can I request my details from Mezuro?
Mezuro does not have any personal information and therefore is not obliged to provide details of it. But even more important is that Mezuro does not have any information from which we can deduct details about you. As soon as data is freed from its direct identifying information, such as IMEI or telephone number, direct identification of people is no longer possible and indirect identification only by combining movement patterns with external information. With the counts we have access to the latter is also not possible. Even if you were to tell us exactly where you have been at which moment, we could still not look that up in the information available to us.
How does Mezuro achieve such a high level of privacy protection?
It’s very simple. We do not get any personal data from the telecommunication providers and we don’t want it either.
Is Mezuro involved with location -related advertising?
No, we do not know who has been where. So we cannot provide information to advertisers that can make it possible for them to contact you. We only have statistical information that cannot be led back to one person.

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