The Hague becoming smart city

More and more cities are initiating projects to make the city smarter and thus more livable, sustainable and better accessible. In these projects there is a close cooperation between the public and private sector, mainly in respect of exchanging data and knowledge.telegraa1

The Hague is also using big data to make the city smarter. The Mezuro Mobility Information is used to tighten up their city marketing strategy.

Nicole Janssen-van Vonderen, responsible for city marketing in The Hague, and Mezuro’s Wim Steenbakkers gave a presentation at the conference Government 360ยบ: “Mobile phone data, a rich source of information for the local government”. The conference was dedicated to the information society in the year 2020 and the usage of big data, now and in the future. The main question that was asked was: Are you as (local) government ready for 2020?

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