The worldwide trend that tourism grows exponentially every year offers many (economic) perspectives. The challenge to steer the flow of tourists in the right direction and exploit optimally grows every year too.

Mezuro provides a clear analysis of tourism in a city or region, both for national and foreign tourists. Insights in where tourists come from, how they move around through the Netherlands, but also the effect measurement of media campaigns, trend analyses of kinds of visitors and mapping out the catchment area of a recreational area are among the possibilities. This makes Mezuro’s information  essential for (local) authorities, amusement parks, museums and hotels, for instance.

Questions that Mezuro can answer also include:

  • Are the visitors to a recreational area frequent or incidental?
  • Which nationalities visit my city?
  • Where do German tourists go in the Netherlands?
  • Where do the extra beach visitors come from on a hot day?