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Mobility information as
relevant source

Data is considered the new gold of the information society. However, the true value only arises when the data is converted into relevant information, insights and actions.


Visitors to an (inner) city, facilities cluster or municipality. Where do they come from and how many are there? And how do you measure that? This is possible based on Mezuro information.


Has your event been successful in attracting visitors? How many people were they, where do they come today and how long have they stayed? Mezuro helps you with this

Commercial real estate / Retail

Retail chains, franchise organizations, property managers and municipalities gain insight into their catchment area and the type of visitors through Mezuro’s mobility analyzes.

Transport and traffic

Mezuro measures around 700,000,000 trips a month and thus has a very large-scale source for providing insight into (changes in) actual travel behavior.


Tourism is an important source of income for many cities, regions and provinces. Mezuro information gives a good picture of tourism and the development.


The partners of Mezuro add specific knowledge of processes at government or the business community, offering an end-to-end solution for our customers’ demands. The partners have a great deal of knowledge and experience in working with Mezuro information and are translating the Mezuro information into the requested policy insights for our customers.