Every municipality organizes events. Important goals are often to attract visitors and to bind the residents. It goes without saying that there are costs involved, but what has been the effect of this expenditure? Was an event successful in attracting visitors, how many people were they, where did they come from and how long did they stay? And for major events, safety is an extremely important point of attention. Mezuro information helps you answer these questions!

Information that Mezuro can provide

  • Number of (extra) visitors to an event
  • Origin of visitors
  • Residence time
  • Number of visitors per hour

Available reports
You can choose from two reports that are described in more detail below:

  1. Insight into Events: a numerical report of the Mezuro information combined with data such as social media. This report has been developed in collaboration with Zicht op Data.
  2. Analysis of Events: a comprehensive analysis of the Mezuro information performed by one of our advising partners. In addition to the numerical side, the report provides explanations, comparisons are made and conclusions are drawn. For example, an extensive economic analysis by combining the Mezuro information with information from, for example, spending surveys is also possible.

Key benefits
With the Mezuro information, whether or not in combination with other data sources, you can make your preparations and substantiate decisions and you no longer have to rely (solely) on intuition and feeling because the concrete information is missing.

  • Extensive insight into the effect of an event, without costly measures such as the placement of sensors, cameras and the like.
  • The information is also available for events that have taken place in the past. This makes a trend analysis over the years possible
  • Comparison with other, similar events, inside and outside your own municipalities is possible.


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