Transport and traffic

Traffic and transport

Mezuro measures around 700,000,000 trips a month and thus has a very large-scale source for providing insight into (changes in) actual travel behavior. This information is the basis of the National Origin and Destination (HB) Matrix that Mezuro has developed together with DAT.Mobility for the whole of the Netherlands. This national HB matrix is ​​now available for you and provides insight into the total number of journeys from July 2016 in a certain period, as well as additional information such as frequency, modality, travel distance and travel times.

Available HB-Matrix information from July 2016

  1. Number of journeys (increased)
  2. Averages per:
    • Business day
    • Month
    • Year
    • rush hour in morning and afternoon

  3. Travel Information:
    • Frequency
    • Modality (other, train)
    • Travel distance
    • Travel time
  4. Geography:
    • Provinces
    • Municipalities
    • Mezuro areas

Key benefits
With the Mezuro HB matrix you can, whether or not in combination with other data sources (eg Floating Car Data), effectively analyze, monitor and make decisions without having to carry out expensive and often limited research.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Scale, the journeys of 3 to 4 million people are mapped out on a monthly basis
  • The HB information is already available retroactively from July 2016
  • Nationally covering HB matrix of 1,246 x 1,246 cells
  • Available per hour of the day and aggregations thereof (For example: pointers, days, working days, weekend, etc.)
  • Dynamic, i.e. different periods can be made transparent such as spring, autumn, holidays, weekend rushes, weather influence, etc.


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