The technology that Mezuro uses

Mobile phones have become the sensors of society. Smartphones continuously communicate with radio masts in the area. The billions of data generated by these interactions are made anonymous and aggregated and made available to Mezuro by the mobile network operator in their own IT environment for processing and analysis. With complex algorithms, this data is then increased to real numbers.

The result is information about mobility patterns of groups of people, as a snapshot or trend analysis, in report form or in an information system.

The data can of course be combined with information from other sources, such as counting cameras or Wi-Fi counters, but also with, for example, an event diary or weather data, so that the results are even more focused on specific questions from customers.

“From big data to information

More about mezuro


Mezuro aims to provide insight into mobility in the Netherlands. Innovation, market leadership and social relevance are key words here. Privacy of people is the starting point.


Mezuro does not have access to personal data and also has no insight into mobility information of individuals. Because although knowledge of mobility patterns is of great social value, in our opinion this is certainly no more valuable than the protection of the privacy of the individual.