The economic and social function of an (inner) city, facilities cluster, municipality or residential area is largely determined by visitors. How many visitors come and where do they come from? How long do you want to stay in the city center? How does the visitor image develop over time? How is my city center doing compared to other city centers? Answers to these questions are essential to be able to implement good policy, to monitor and to be able to implement targeted actions and measures. Mezuro information provides answers to these questions!

Information that Mezuro can provide
To get a good and clear picture of your area, Mezuro can provide you with the following information:

  • Number of Dutch visitors to your area.
  • Origin of Dutch visitors by municipality and province.
  • Type of visitors based on frequency.
  • Based on the number of visitors and their origin, the primary and secondary catchment
  • area of ​​your area is mapped.
  • Residence time.
  • Evolution of the number of visitors in 24 hours.
  • Foreign visitors. The “foreigner visit” is mapped relative to each country.
  • Ranking: How does your city score compared to other (you choose) cities

Available reports
Insight into Visitors. Focused on displaying the figures in collaboration with Zicht op Data and BRO. In addition to the figures, BRO provides a brief summary with analysis and conclusions. This report is available based on 1 month figures. A dashboard is also possible for analyzes based on one or more years. Analysis of Visitors: this includes an extensive analysis based on the Mezuro Information performed by one of our partners.

Key benefits

  • Decisions and making plans are made on the basis of measurements and substantiation and not (only) on the basis of intuition and feeling.
  • Very much insight into the visitors of your city.
  • Information is available 24/7/365. Compared to surveys and manual counts, this reflects much better trends and fluctuations during a certain period.


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