Mezuro is a data science company that specializes in application-oriented development of residence and mobility information from anonymous network data from mobile telecom providers.

The residence and mobility information developed by Mezuro is available every day of the year for the whole of the Netherlands, 24 × 7. With the measurement and analysis of crowds and mobility flows, Mezuro makes an important contribution to solving socially relevant issues in the field of safety, traffic, environment and infrastructure


Market leader in mobility measurement

Mezuro aims to provide insight into mobility in the Netherlands. Innovation, market leadership and social relevance are key words here. Privacy of people is the starting point.


Respect for people

Mezuro does not have access to personal data and also has no insight into the mobility information of individuals. Because although knowledge of mobility patterns is of great social value, in our opinion this is certainly no more valuable than the protection of the privacy of the individual.


Big data

Mezuro measures the mobility of the Netherlands 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the help of data from mobile telecommunication networks. To this end, billions of data are analyzed every month and transformed into usable information.